Warning! Slow broadband speeds may cause stress

Warning! Slow broadband speeds may cause stress

Stressed woman at laptop image

Frustrated by slow internet speeds? Find yourself cursing the television when your favourite show won’t load, or YouTube starts buffering when you want to play a video?

Turns out you’re not alone. A survey carried out by Ericsson found that when struck with digital delays, our heart rate increases by a mighty 31%. What’s more, stress levels were found to escalate from 19% to 34% when a video starts buffering. According to the mobile provider, this is comparable to the stress we feel when watching a horror film.

It’s not just waiting for a video to load that causes us a great deal of distress either. The research also found that even just a single pause can increase stress levels by an additional 15%.   

In a world that consumes so much digital content, it’s not all that surprising that delays can cause such a big stress response.

Many of us now work from home, children often rely on the internet for help with their homework, we can’t seem to get enough of social media and streaming services like  Amazon Prime Video are more popular than ever. This means that when things go wrong, it can have a big impact on our everyday lives.

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